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Photo Dump

Alright folks, it’s been, what, four months since I last posted? The thought is just overwhelming because I’m so behind. But Olivia is with Grandma and Joseph is napping, so I figured a good old photo dump was the way to go. Unedited, unbeautified, not much narration, but better than nothing! So here it goes…

November 2013 – Thanksgiving in Punta Mita!
Two sick kids, two visits to the clinica. So not too many pictures from the trip. Joseph spent most of the week crying and laying on me (which is why there are so few photos), and when he finally recovered he developed a rash from the antibiotics. Not his best trip. Olivia went down with a nasty cough and managed to get an ear infection that hit its worst point in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully we’re going back in a few weeks and I FULLY plan on redeeming ourselves!
 photo PuntaMita1113_zpsfa4610f4.jpg

 photo PuntaMita11131_zps64ff3c5a.jpg

 photo PuntaMita11132_zps5fc08844.jpg

 photo PuntaMita11133_zps75bbee9f.jpg

 photo PuntaMita11134_zpscb518375.jpg

 photo PuntaMita11135_zps5dc5d62b.jpg

 photo PuntaMita11136_zps6bef9977.jpg

 photo PuntaMita11137_zpsdaa93b9d.jpg

 photo PuntaMita11138_zps23351b3d.jpg
{tortuga release. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Put it on your bucket list.}

 photo PuntaMita11139_zpse66ecf16.jpg

 photo PuntaMita111310_zpscbac8abc.jpg

December 2013 – Christmas!
Such a fun Christmas this year. Olivia was SO into Santa, which made the whole month that much better.
 photo Christmas20134_zpsd79abf1c.jpg

 photo Christmas20135_zps1a040484.jpg

 photo Christmas20136_zps9e5e6289.jpg

 photo Christmas20137_zpsb1f518c2.jpg

 photo Christmas20138_zpsde744d5a.jpg

 photo Christmas20139_zps340da7ef.jpg

 photo Christmas201310_zps92c0aa77.jpg

 photo Christmas201311_zps6a397e43.jpg

And snow!
 photo Christmas20131_zpsbbec93a9.jpg

 photo Christmas20132_zps84d0a311.jpg

 photo Christmas20133_zps9ea6972a.jpg

January 2014 – Oh January, you are kind of a boring month. But I still managed to get a few cute pictures of J!
 photo Christmas201312_zps010f84f4.jpg

 photo January2014_zpsb21a09f2.jpg

 photo January20141_zps89063a65.jpg

 photo January20142_zps9d5e4adf.jpg

 photo January20143_zps742d3300.jpg
{I about died laughing when I found him like this. He did not seem to find it nearly as entertaining.}

 photo January20144_zps2812f81d.jpg
{He spent several very frustrating months sliding backwards instead of moving forwards.}

February 2014 – Midwinter Break in Bend!
We all skied, and Olivia surprisingly loved it. Spent the week with the Haedrich’s, who we all love and adore. Too much fun.
 photo Bend214_zpsd86e3514.jpg

 photo Bend214_zpsd86e3514.jpg

 photo Bend2141_zps9c77bfac.jpg

 photo Bend2142_zpsa2de9043.jpg

 photo Bend2143_zps668d03c7.jpg

 photo Bend2144_zps84de65cf.jpg

March 2014 – Spring is here. Finally! WE spent last weekend over at UW checking out the cherry blossoms. Simply gorgeous.
 photo 32214_zpsb20a2a74.jpg

 photo 322141_zps13ab037e.jpg

 photo 322142_zps2ffd17d1.jpg

 photo 322143_zps78a36ad0.jpg

So that’s our life over the past few months in a nutshell!

Whew… I feel slightly better about myself now. I am a better about posting more regularly on Instagram (andrealperry) so feel free to find me on there :) .

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