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California 2.13

Well, I know that I’m about four months behind on this thing, so I decided to just start fresh (and *maybe* I’ll get back to the past months at some point). Anyhoo, we just came back from one last hurrah before the baby arrives – a week in California! It was originally going to be a girls trip, but my crazy/awesome husband decided to DRIVE down there and surprise us so he could meet us at Disneyland and join in on the fun. So sweet. His new car might have had something to do with the motivation to drive 1300 miles…

Here’s some pics from our day at Disneyland.
 photo California213_zps6fb1162e.jpg
{obligatory family castle shot}

I’m not going to lie, it started out pretty rocky. We got there and headed straight to Fantasyland, which is the most toddler-friendly area of all. I saw a Snow White ride that I thought she might like, but it ended up being dark and scary and filled with witches. So she basically spent the first hour crying and demanding to go home. Not exactly what you want to hear when you spend and arm and an leg on admission. But she soon warmed up to the whole thing (although she absolutely refused to go on any rides that went inside, really limiting our choices!).
 photo California2131_zps3e854006.jpg

 photo California2134_zps2269c9bd.jpg

We made her ride five rides before she got to pick out a toy. Her choice? An Ariel purse and gloves, obviously.
 photo California2135_zps8ca5483a.jpg

This is what happens when you decide it’s a good idea to walk around Disneyland in your third trimester and have already been having Braxton Hicks for a few months. Funtimes. Luckily there were a lot of benches to rest on.
 photo California2133_zpse906e758.jpg

The highlight of the day was most definitely meeting some of her favorite characters.
 photo California2132_zpsc02df8b6.jpg

Especially the princesses! As you can tell, she was in absolute heaven. It was well worth the long wait in line! She hugged Tiana for so long that we basically had to yank her away. So cute.
 photo California2137_zps568b09d9.jpg
{side note: why do they set up the princesses in this awful sunny/shadowy area? Makes for terrible photos.}

 photo California2138_zps64724f08.jpg

 photo California2139_zps274131cd.jpg

 photo California21310_zps43c40117.jpg
{please notice her leg kicking out – these were some serious hugs she was handing out!}

Showing Ariel her Ariel purse. Good times.
 photo California21311_zpse3ac8cd7.jpg

 photo California21312_zps8d428367.jpg

Another highlight of the trip was a fabulous brunch with my besties and their kids. There’s nothing better than meeting up with friends who I have known since my post-college LA days (and Amy, who has been my BFF¬†since elementary school!) and seeing all of the kids play together. It’s pretty weird/awesome.

This is Olivia and Carson, Amy’s little guy. Love.
 photo California21314_zpsfae6676d.jpg

Morgan (Jen’s daughter), Carson, Olivia, and Natalie (Melanie’s daughter).
 photo California21315_zps10f6c376.jpg

 photo California21316_zps0c09a9bd.jpg

I miss these girls!
 photo California21317_zpsf58a8619.jpg

We of course spent lots of time with my family and friends, but did I get any decent pictures of that? Nope. Except for on my phone. Lots of time at the park and just playing and enjoying the nice weather.
 photo iPhone_zps085c3d98.jpg

 photo iPhone1_zpsbff01fe4.jpg

 photo iPhone2_zps5a926be7.jpg

 photo iPhone3_zps4a846ba1.jpg

 photo iPhone4_zps5b690e66.jpg

 photo iPhone5_zpsbc2276a4.jpg

And now we’re home and on countdown – about 8 weeks to go until we meet our little guy. Woop!


  1. Ms. Jen says:

    Welcome back! Love the Disney shots :)

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