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Bend 7.13

We had our annual 4th of July trip to Bend with the Haedrich’s earlier this month, and as always it didn’t disappoint! We look forward to this trip ALL year long. It’s been so cool to watch the kids grow and change each year (see 2010, 2011, 2012 posts), and watch the dynamics change as we add kids into the mix.

I had my hands full with the little guy most of the time, so the pics are mostly of our activities around the house – it’s often too much to wrangle the camera and a baby when we’re out and about!

Mastering the slip and slide. It was HOT so we did as many water activities as we could.
 photo Bend713copy_zpsaf8625c6.jpg

A trip to the local pool. She got brave and actually wanted to do the waterslide!
 photo Bend720131_zpsdc46635e.jpg

Backyard kiddie pool shenanigans. Doug spent his week telling them tall tales, which they totally believed. Now there is apparently a salamander named Curtis who lives on the tennis court. Classic.
 photo Bend720132_zps29d015ae.jpg

Happiness is kids and a cardboard box.
 photo Bend720134_zpsa36dd7ce.jpg

Face paint! Please notice Colton the pirate. Love that kid!
 photo Bend72013_zpsf607f3e6.jpg

S’more time. The least flattering picture of the three kids but it makes me laugh.
 photo Bend720136_zpsf1b98e11.jpg

These two. Sweetness.
 photo Bend720135_zps28a3fd87.jpg

An attempt at a group picture. You can see how well that idea worked out.
 photo Bend720137_zpsc5e68c8c.jpg
Poor Joseph.

Litte guy loves hanging out on a blanket under a tree. I am so thankful for another summer baby!
 photo Bend720138_zpsbc9ee135.jpg

Killing it with cuteness. This kid is so smiley.
 photo Bend720139_zpsc31a1e06.jpg

4th of July sparklers.
 photo Bend7201312_zps64efc6a9.jpg

 photo Bend7201311_zps98ea29bd.jpg

 photo Bend7201310_zpse414acf0.jpg

Can we please arrange this marriage? It really needs to happen.
 photo Bend7201313_zps76e9cd40.jpg

A farewell sunset.
 photo Bend7201315_zpsed8492c6.jpg

And an absolutely gorgeous return to Seattle!
 photo Bend7201317_zps97631e44.jpg

Thanks for coming, Haedrich’s. We miss you guys tons. Can we please be neighbors???

Happy Birthday Mom!

We just got back from another trip down to Bend, this time with the Pearlstein clan to celebrate a very BIG birthday for my mom! It was a perfect trip and the best part of all was that everyone was together, which was exactly what my mom wanted for her birthday. Here’s a few shots from the week…

I did the 6+ hour drive down on my own with Olivia. Funtimes. Especially with a kid who NEVER sleeps in the car. Ever.

It actually went pretty well overall, although there was a moment when I looked back and saw this.
Bored much?

Before my family arrived Doug raced in a HUNDRED MILE mountain bike race up Mount Bachelor. Impressive, huh? He never ceases to amaze me (although I think he’s a bit crazy for attempting this sort of thing). 10+ hours on a mountain bike in high elevation and difficult terrain? Done. He rocks.


We spent the morning of her birthday with the girls at Tumalo Falls.


I tortured my family with a pre-birthday dinner photo session. And although the men all moaned and groaned and complained, I’m so glad that I did because I captured this gem:
{Everyone actually looking at the camera with their eyes open? Check. It’s a miracle. Pretty sure you’ll see that pic on a Christmas card this year.}

We also took a trip out to Smith Rock. It was seriously awesome.



Major points to Mark for hefting Olivia both down AND up the climb to get to the river. His gym workouts are apparently paying off big time.

We, of course, did some tax-free shopping while we were there. Gotta love Oregon for that. Olivia picked out both this dress and horribly-overpriced heart glitter purse, which she convinced Grandma to buy her, of course. She was in heaven.

As I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts, she is obsessed with her purse, and won’t go anywhere without hers. She literally won’t pee without it. In case anyone is curious what she carries, I stole it from her momentarily and captured the goodness.

She was cracking me up all day in the dress. She put it on in the morning, posed for photos, insisted on wearing it hiking (you’ll notice it paired with running shoes as a “compromise” for our trip to Smith Rock), and then let me take a zillion more photos in the afternoon. She’s obsessed. She wore it yesterday as well, and is already begging to put it on today.


{Mega sun-flare. Ooops.}


Grandma love.

Yet another awesome Bend sunset. They never get old.

The drive home: apparently she decorated herself with markers and then spent several hundred miles sitting on one. Sweet

And of course a stop at a killer eastern Washington fruit stand in Thorp. I now have more peaches & nectarines than I know what to do with. Cobbler anyone?

The end.

Bend 7.12

I look forward to our annual Bend trip with the Haedrich’s ALL year long. It’s seriously one of my favorite weeks of the year. We started the tradition our first full summer in Seattle and have continued ever since. It’s been so cool to watch the kids grow up and change each year. This year the motley crew consisted of a 4 year old (Parker) a 3 year old (Olivia) and a 1.5 year old (Colton). As you can imagine, it was chaotic but SO much fun. Olivia and Parker are at great ages and spent the whole time playing together. And poor Colton, well, he just tried to keep up with the bigger kids. Good times.

Seriously awesome sunset on one of our first nights there.

Olivia has become¬†obsessed¬†with her purse. As in, she carries it EVERYWHERE with her. Even into the bathroom. I have to check out what’s inside it when she’s sleeping because she seriously steals stuff and hides it in there. I found half a pack of strawberry gum in it after we spent time with friends who clearly left their purses within her reach. Klepto.
Purse? Check. Wand? Check. Juice? Check. This is her happy place.

We meet up the week of the 4th of July every year. There is a pet parade & festival in town that the kids think is pretty awesome. As for the adults, well let’s just say that it wouldn’t be our first choice of activity. But the kids love it so much that it’s worth it to suffer, I mean sit, through it.

Funny side note from the festival: I had let Olivia pee outside in the grass a few days beforehand (desperate times call for desperate measures), and for some reason she decided that she could repeat that performance on her own. In the middle of a zillion people. And being the awesome a parents that we are we pointed for all to see, laughed, and snapped a photo as quick as we could. Her face says it all – she totally soaked herself and peed all over her shoes. Stay classy, Olivia.

4th of July afternoon Courtney busted out a fun balloon toy. I have no clue what it’s called but it involves pumping up balloons and throwing them up in the sky, then chasing them as they make a squealing sound and deflate. In other words, they’re toddler perfection.


This face says it all.

The dads doing what they do best while the moms entertain the kids. Classic.

Everything about this picture makes me laugh. Crossed legs, ice-cream eating game face on, chocolate everywhere.


{She was too scared to hold a lit one, so she just held one like a wand.}

We also spent a fair amount of time down at Shevlin Park throughout the week.



And we took a hike (VERY small since there were three toddlers with us) to Tumalo Falls. Gorgeous.






Until next time…


We’ve literally been home for two days since Olivia’s birthday, hence the lack of updates. Since I’m sure you’re all tired of looking at the same old thing for the past 3 weeks I thought I’d post a picture that I took last week during our annual 4th of July trip to Bend. Just lounging on the grass with her ever-present Hello Kitty purse. This kid is such a ham.


Updates soon… after I catch up on laundry. And housework. And life. And enjoy some of this fabulous summer that has FINALLY arrived in Washington!

Bend 1.12

We went down to Bend last month for a long weekend and I just found a few photos on my camera card that I had completely forgotten about. It was crazy stormy and snowing sideways much of the time that we were there so it was a pretty lazy weekend – we spent most of our time lounging around the house and sitting by the fire. Ahhhh, relaxing. We did squeeze in a ski date at Bachelor (big thanks to Kevin for babysitting!) on a gloriously sunny, perfect conditions day. I actually had so much fun that afterwords Doug and I both went out and bought skis. He already knows how to ski and is an awesome snowboarder, but I’m definitely a bunny sloper. I figure I better learn what I’m doing since O is already begging us to take her! Next year…

Olivia, of course, brought her BFF “Whitey” with her. He comes almost everywhere with us.

One of my favorite things about being there in the winter are the deer – they’re all over the place!
I love how the one on the right is totally staring at me. It’s really Doug the hunter that they need to worry about…

Bend 7.11

We’re back from our (second) annual July trip to Bend, OR. After we spent July 4th, 2010 there we decided to make it an annual trip, and I’m so glad that we did because we, of course, had such a fabulous time! Sunshine, family, friends, 4th of July festivities, fireworks, parks, BBQ’s & s’mores, squirtguns, date night, awesome trail runs (me), looong bike rides (Doug), swimming, farmers market, a pet parade, great shopping, lots of outdoor time – basically the perfect family vacation spot!

We were joined by a rotating cast of characters throughout our two weeks there: my parents, then the Haedrich’s (my dear BFF from college, her awesome husband Ryan (aka Budge) who was also my next-door neighbor my senior year, their 3 year old Parker and their almost one year old Colton), then the Hallada’s (Doug’s best buddy Dan, who we both know HRA days, his wife Tatiana, and their almost 2 year old Logan), and finally Doug’s parents. Needless to say, it was so much fun to get to vacation with so many people who mean so much to us! We did have a point in the trip where there were 4 kids 3 and under, which was a (chaotic) blast but definitely gave me a whole new respect for mom’s of large families! I’m afraid O is going to go through withdrawal from lack of attention over the next few days…

And here’s a random sampling of photos from our trip! Sorry for the photo-overload of this post, I filled an 8GB memory card, so this is a very small portion of what I took. I think I have a problem.

Hellooooo Bend! I like you.

Cutie pie Colton.

Liv & Parker. Too cute!

The recipe for a peaceful dinner: Thank you Curious George.

4th of July family fun!!!

Haedrich boys.

Logan and his awesome belly.

Is there anything better than a kiddie pool?

Me, my BFF Courtney, and “serenity now” (our secret formula for surviving motherhood – non-alcoholic mojito mixer, tons of fresh mint, and club soda. SO GOOD!)

{Every girl needs a BFF like Court. This girl means the world to me, I don’t know what I’d do without her!}

Two boys and a little lady splashin’ in the tub.


An attempt at fancy sparkler shots…

This one cracks me up!

Silly O…

I think this face pretty much sums up how Olivia feels about our annual Bend vacay… can’t wait until next year!

Ranch Weekend

We spent last weekend at the Perry’s Ranch in central Oregon. Although no elk were spotted by the guys, we had a great weekend relaxing and exploring. 

The first day was pretty chilly, but we bundled Olivia up and headed outside for a while.

Cruising around. The days of crawling are definitely over!

Watching Kevin’s dog, Sherman. She was totally obsessed with him! It’s almost enough to make me want a dog. Almost.

One of the ponds. So gorgeous!

Driving the Ranger with Dad. Definitely a highlight of the trip for her!

Those cheeks! I can’t get enough of ‘em.

The next day we woke up to sleet (gross) and FREEZING temperatures, which meant a day entertaining ourselves inside. Luckily there were lots of toys (and a well-mannered dog who didn’t mind being harassed).

Digging for the best toys in the box… airplanes! She’s currently obsessed with “pane!”.

Attempting to learn to jump rope with grandma.

Snuggling up on the bear rug. Which she kept calling “doggie” and petting. I think she’s a bit confused.

By the end of the weekend, Olivia and Sherman had definitely become buddies. He quickly figured out that toddler=food, and she giggled hysterically every time Sherman licked her (or her tray!).

Notice the Curious George on the iPad? It’s the only way she eats breakfast now. We started letting her watch George because it’s on PBS when she’s usually eating breakfast, and now as soon as she gets into her high chair she says “George? George?” until we put it on. I’m choosing my battles with her, and letting her watch George buys me 25 minutes to eat my breakfast and drink my coffee in peace! Don’t judge me :) .

Hanging with Grandpa.

Peek a boo!

Family Pictures (continued)

I wanted to share a few more “favorites” from our family pictures by the fabulous Ryan Phillips (he was our wedding photographer, too!). These were all taken while we were in Bend, OR this past July.

Side note: We had a great trip to Utah… Olivia loved spending time with her cousins, and Doug got the deer he was looking for. All in all, it was a successful week for everyone :) . I left all of the photo-taking to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law so once they share some pictures with me (hint hint, Chris & Erin :) , I’ll post again!

We’re heading to Utah (the males are going hunting while we ladies will be spending time with the kiddos), but I got our family pictures today and wanted to leave you all with something new to look at until we’re back in town!

Could she possibly be any cuter?!?

Bend 7.10

Doug, Olivia and I headed down to Bend for a few weeks with some of our favorite people: his parents, my parents, and the wonderful Haedrich family. Most of the pictures we took were of the kids (of course!). Here’s some shots from the trip…

Strolling around the Bite of Bend.

Bathtime with Parker.

He wanted to wash her hair :)

Post-bath snuggle time with Budge.

Trucks and dirt!

4th of July fun!

Our kitchen visitor. Can you see him? We were going crazy trying to figure out where the chirping was coming from!


Amazing views.

A HUGE thanks to Wayne & Chris for opening their wonderful home to us… we had the BEST time!!!